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Category Archives: market research

HARO, or Help A Reporter Out, is a great resource for getting the message out about your product. Three times a day HARO emails a list of media opportunities, and the list recipients can choose to help out reporters in need and usually under tight deadline.

The reporters need help on stories with a variety of topics; some are personal interest, but a good many are about business as well, along with social media, recession hiring, et al. Look at each question and ask yourself how your product could impact that need, or how you could leverage the question to become a promotional effort for your brand. If the reporter uses you as a source, it will increase the long tail reach of your brand.


I am working on a new product, performing a round of competitive research to assess the market and obtain some insight into how other players are conducting pricing. It’s definitely early stages of the product; the feedback in the daily scrums is about wrapping this second iteration and prioritizing for the third. So we’re not finished conducting some key product definition decision making. And yet, we’re getting questions about finalizing the product naming. It is too early in the process; naming should be one of the last steps in the process, not the first.