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Godin writes about transparency and engagement in business as ways to become more intimate with the customer base. Having spent the past week compiling results from a customer survey, my head has been in a similar place.

How do we protect the company’s IP while competing with companies who give their product away for free?

How can we ensure our technological innovations are forward-looking and strategic and not just from the hip reactions? Are we an innovator or a fast follower? These are questions worth answering before becoming entrenched in dev.

What’s the best way to communicate to customers about coming changes and promised product enhancement?


In marketing and PR, when a new product or service is released you oftern hear about it in comparative terms, such as ‘the iPod of hospital documentation solutions’, ‘the iPod of tax software’, etc.

A year or two ago it was Starbucks: the Starbucks of bike stores, the Starbucks of doggie day cares.

This year, rather than look to Apple as we so often do, I’d like to recommend studying the release of the odd product the Snuggie. Originally brought to market via infomercials, the Snuggie has exploded into this year’s Crocs and/or pet rock.

What can technology product marketing managers learn from this consumer product?