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Friday I converted dry customer survey data into a user persona for our sales team to use in their renewal discussions.

-Sales does not need extensive graphs and data to pore over; they need psychographic information they can use immediately. Give them a user persona, one they can create an emotional persuasive connection with.

-As marketers, we’d rather see the data. Give me reams of data, graphed and sorted for use in future campaigns and value prop focus groups. Howver, sales needs something they can use yesterday. They don’t need the deep think; they need the immediate persuasion.

-In a persona, present roles and responsibilities, but also the deep pain points. ‘Up at night’ should be considered: what’s the unconscious need keeping my customer up at night?

-If you can give sales a tool that will aid them in their very next conversation, then you’re doing your job. Don’t think next quarter; think 5 minutes from now.


Why is the Snuggie experiencing such breakthrough success? Facebook users comment on the photos of their friends, saying “where did you get that? I want one. They have them at Walgreens, etc etc”

It is a comfortable product that begs for documentation. It is not enough to own one; the ownership must be shared through shared photos, word of mouth, letting curious others try it on. It’s a bit like the product version of karaoke: once you’ve finally tried it, you have to talk about your experience with it. And this is one reason the Snuggie is such a fine product for 2009: it is an experiencial item, tailor made for inclusion into social media photo sharing.

It is outlandish, yet tame in its overall appearance. Wearers feel like they’re acting silly by wearing it, and yet it covers the entire body. So it’s safe for photo sharing.

It makes people laugh. It incites conversation with strangers, like the people I heard waiting in a checkout line, talking about the Snuggie one man was buying, how other stores were sold out, how the commercials are the new ‘i’ve fallen and I can’t get up’, what youtube versions of the commercial they’ve seen.

Snuggie’s success can be largely attibuted to word of mouth – that and that they’re mighty comfy…

Zack Gonzales